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EbbNFlow is an up-and-coming Film and TV Composer looking to work on new and exciting projects. His journey into the world of film composition was inspired by a deep childhood love for cinema and music, a connection that has only strengthened over the years. He aspires to compose for feature films and earn recognition through multiple awards. With a commitment to delivering high-quality, emotion-evoking compositions, EbbNFlow aims to entertain the world. His powerful melodic approach to film scoring sets him apart, offering catchy motifs that enrich the cinematic experience. He hopes to create a musical experience that stays with the audience long after the credits have rolled. With flexible pricing options and student discounts, he makes sure that his services are accessible to everyone who values exceptional music in their film projects. Additionally, EbbNFlow plans to expand his horizons to include composing for musicals as this has always been another passion of his, stating that the humour and musical brilliance of ‘The Book of Mormon’ inspires him to create a musical of his own.

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